Biomedical Image Contrast Agents


Scaled up synthesis of nanoparticle contrast agents. I specialize in the synthesis of long emission lifetime, fluorescent and photoluminiscent nanoparticles. This is achieved by modifying Au cores with fluorophore embedded shells or Au nanoclusters with tunable photoluminiscence. Fluorescent silica particles with sizes ranging from 15 nm to 400 nm are also available. Such probes have been applied in tracking single molecules on live cells over the course of 12h and in super-resolution optical imaging.


  • Dual mode detectable probes include: Fluorescent/X-ray and Fluorescent/MRI

  • Triple Mode detectable probes include: Fluorescent/X-ray/MRI probes

  • Plasmonic, fluorescence, MRI, X-ray modalities of detection in a mouse animal model. Single mode and multi-mode detections


Representative Publications